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Ignite Roleplay

Official Server Rules


Welcome to Ignite Roleplay, a unique, one of a kind roleplaying experience set in 1985 Los Santos. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, where they can immerse themselves in the lore and setting of our server. To achieve this goal, we have established the following server rules:

  1. General Community Policies
    • Ignite RP is an English speaking server. All players are expected to communicate primarily with English because of this.
    • You must have good microphone quality. We expect all players to have clear voice quality free of any excessive background noise, static or anything else restricting clarity.
    • If you have an issue of rule-breaking in an in-game scene, all players are expected to finish the scene without breaking character. Once the roleplay is over, you should report these rule breaks in the proper channels of our community Discord. Breaking character and going OOC will not be tolerated in anyway.
    • Any form of self-harm or suicide roleplay is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
    • At anytime, if the Ignite staff deems your roleplay quality subpar, you may be brought into a ticket and warned. If your roleplay is still deemed below our standards after warning, you may be temporarily or permanently banned.

    General Community Rules

    1. No RDM (Random Deathmatch): Players are not allowed to randomly attack or kill other players without a valid in-character reason. This includes running over players with vehicles, shooting at them without reason, or using explosives to harm other players. If you want to engage in PvP, you must have a valid in-character reason and build up.
    2. No VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch): Players are not allowed to use their vehicles to harm or kill other players without a valid in-character reason. This includes ramming into other players or their vehicles, or using vehicles to block other players’ paths. Vehicles should be used as a means of transportation or as a prop for roleplay, not as a weapon.
    3. No Metagaming: Players are not allowed to use out-of-character knowledge to influence their in-game actions. This includes using information obtained through Discord, Twitch or other communication methods to gain an unfair advantage in-game. Metagaming also includes communicating OOC with other players in anyway about in character matters. Your character should only know what they have learned through in-game interactions and events.
    4. No Powergaming: Players are not allowed to force their actions or abilities onto other players without their consent. This includes performing actions that are impossible or unrealistic, or refusing to acknowledge the actions of other players. Roleplay should be a collaborative effort, and all players should have a chance to contribute. This includes listening through walls to gain information IC, purposefully listening through walls in an interior with the intent of spying / listening for the gain of information to use in-character is strictly prohibited if used in an unrealistic manner. EX: Being downstairs of a building and hearing a conversation upstairs loud and clear through a wall, purposefully finding an open spot in audio occlusions to spy on a conversation, or purposefully staking yourself out close to a wall to hear the conversation inside.
    5. Fear Roleplay (Fear RP): Players must act realistically when their character is in a dangerous situation. This means that if a player’s character is being threatened with a weapon or is outnumbered, they must comply with the demands of the other player(s) and act as if they are in fear for their life. Failure to do so will result in a violation of Fear RP.
    6. Criminal Group Sizes: During active aggressive scenes, criminal groups may only have a maximum of six members present. This is to ensure that all players have a fair chance at participating in the scene and to prevent overwhelming other players. Groups may have more than six members, but only six may be active participants in an aggressive scene at any given time.
    7. Roleplay Before Gunplay: We encourage players to prioritize roleplay and storyline development over shootouts and violence. Shooting another player should be a last resort or used as a way to conclude a storyline. Players should engage in meaningful interactions with other players before resorting to shootouts. Conflict RP is great, but shooting another player should not be used lightly, as a means to end an ongoing storyline or to avoid roleplay interactions.
    8. Injury Roleplay: When your character is injured, it’s important to roleplay the injury realistically. This means that you should take into account the severity of the injury and how it would realistically affect your character. For more serious injuries, such as gunshot wounds, you should realistically portray the effects of the injury, such as difficulty moving or breathing, or severe pain. You would also want to seek out medical help from EMS. In general, it’s important to avoid powergaming or playing through injuries that would realistically incapacitate your character. If you’re unsure how to roleplay a specific injury, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for guidance.
    9. Respect Roleplay: Players are expected to engage in realistic and immersive roleplay at all times. This includes speaking in-character, staying in-character during gameplay (even when others don’t or there’s a bug), and following the server’s lore and setting. If you are in an active roleplay scene you are expected to follow through with it no matter the circumstances unless it is an actual OOC emergency. If you are unsure about something, ask a staff member or consult the server’s documentation.
    10. No Pocket Wiping: Players are not allowed to take everything from another player’s inventory during a robbery or other criminal activity. Players should only take items that are relevant to the situation and that they realistically would have knowledge of.
    11. Wearing Masks: Players are allowed to wear masks in-game, but they should be worn realistically and not as a permanent identity. This means that players should not wear masks 24/7. Wearing a mask should have a valid in-character reason such as counseling your identity while committing a crime.
    12. No Stealing/Flying Aircrafts: Players are not allowed to steal or fly any aircraft that they do not own. Players may only fly aircrafts if they own it and have a license to operate it.
    13. GTA Driving: Players are expected to drive realistically at all times, especially during car chases. This means that players should take into account the type of car they are driving and how it would realistically perform in a certain areas. You wouldn’t try and send a sports car driving up a mountain just because it’s fast and expect it to still do well. Players should not engage in unrealistic maneuvers or stunts, such as hitting ramps, jumping off or over highways, etc. It’s important to remember that this is a realistic roleplaying server, and driving should be treated as such.
    14. No Serial Killer RP: Players are not allowed to engage in any form of roleplay that involves being a serial killer. This type of roleplay is does not align with the culture and community of serious and realistic roleplay we are trying to achieve.
    15. Law Enforcement Baiting: Players are not allowed to intentionally provoke or engage in conflict with law enforcement in order to create a roleplay scenario. Any form of law enforcement baiting will be considered a violation of server rules and may result in punishment or ban. All interactions with law enforcement should be based on realistic in-character situations and interactions, not on the player’s desire to create drama or conflict.
    16. Fort Zancudo: Players are not allowed to enter or trespass on Fort Zancudo under any circumstances. This is a restricted military base and is off limits to civilians. The base is only used for law enforcement training and players who attempt to enter the base will be punished or banned.
    17. No Exploits or Cheating: Players are not allowed to use exploits or cheats to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This includes using hacks or mods, exploiting glitches or bugs, or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. If you discover a bug or exploit, report it to a staff member immediately.
    18. No Toxic Behavior: Players are expected to be respectful and courteous to other players and staff members at all times. This includes refraining from using hate speech, trolling, or engaging in any other behavior that is deemed toxic or disruptive. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind.
    19. Robbery/Heist Rule: During a robbery or heist, players are limited to using a maximum of four characters and one vehicle. This is to ensure that all players have a fair chance at participating in the scene and to prevent overwhelming other players. You also may not begin a robbery 30 minutes before, or after a server restart.
    20. No ERP: We do not allow any form of erotic roleplay on our server. This includes sexual content or actions, or any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate. We take this rule seriously and any violation of it will result in severe consequences, including permanent bans.
    21. Staff Decisions are Final: If a staff member makes a decision or ruling, it must be respected and followed. If a player disagrees with a decision, they may appeal it through the appropriate channels. However, arguing with or disrespecting staff members will not be tolerated.

    Bans and Ban Appeal Process

    • Ignite RP’s staff team reviews all bans before they are pushed through to ensure a non-bias stand on all matters.
    • All player bans will be handled in private tickets of our community Discord. This is not a place for arguing and players can appeal through the proper channels.
    • Players may submit appeals for their bans through our ban appeals channel on the Discord.
    • Permanent bans are considered final, but the player may appeal 30 days from the initial ban.

    Character Policy

    • All characters portrayed in Ignite RP must be 18 years or older.
    • Players are not allowed to use the names of famous figures or celebrities, or names that are blatantly unrealistic or contain profanity when creating their character. Names should be appropriate for the time period and setting of the server, and should not break immersion for other players.
    • Cross-Character Confliction: Players are allowed to have multiple characters, but they should not be involved in the same storylines or conflicts. This is to avoid metagaming and ensure a fair and immersive roleplaying experience for all players. Any player engaging in cross-character storylines or conflict will be banned.
    • No form of pregnancy RP is tolerated and will result in a ban.

    Corruption Policy

    • All characters in law enforcement are not allowed to partake in any form of corruption.
    • Later on down our roadmap, we will allow a separate application process for corruption allowed within law enforcement.

    Forcing Injury or Death / Injury RP

    • Players are not allowed to force any injury or permanent deaths to other characters. All injuries and the severity are up to the player who is being injured.
    • All players are expected to realistically roleplay injuries and medical RP. Any result of shrugging off a fight, beating, shootout, etc. will result in punishment or ban.

    Knocked, Unconscious & Dead Policy

    • Knocked – A player that is injured in any way resulting in needing to be revived, but can still communicate verbally. This would be something like being knocked out fighting, being stabbed, beaten with blunt object, etc. Players who are “knocked” can have complete memory of everything that happened before and during their knocked state.
    • Unconscious – A player that is injured more seriously and cannot communicate verbally. Players that are “unconscious” may only communicate with /me to provide medical RP. Players can choose to RP as unconscious from any injury, but mostly will be from gun shots and other serious events. Unconscious players can not remember what happened to them while they are unconscious.
    • Dead – A player that has chosen to fully end their character’s journey. A “dead” player will use a phrase like “no pulse” or anything similar through /me to communicate that this is the end. Once this is done, there is no going back and if a player tries to reverse this, they can be punished or banned.
    • It is important to remember in any of these different states, that we are all here for fun and enjoyable roleplay. This is not about winning or losing, so do not try and instantly get right back out there for revenge if your character has been downed or unconscious through conflict. Roll with, and give good roleplay to your fellow community members.
    • Any player that is found returning to the scene that they were just downed or unconscious at, will be punished or banned. We do not tolerate this type of roleplay. We encourage thought out, slow burn and story driven scenes. Not cops and robbers, or constant shootouts.

    We take these rules seriously and expect all players to do the same. Failure to follow these rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans at the discretion of the server’s staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member. Thank you for choosing Ignite Roleplay and enjoy your stay in 1985 Los Santos!