Ignite Role-Play

'Angry Creative'

Ignite Role-Play (IRP) is a whitelisted FiveM community aimed at bringing the best roleplay to the table. IRP is a Nevada based community that was created in early 2020. We strive to meet everyone’s needs in the community and try and deliver to all. We focus on fun scenarios and encourage people to carry out characters lives. IRP requires all members to be over the age of 16 for enhanced quality and maturity.

At Ignite we encourage being creative in scenarios and love it. Creativity is your intelligence having fun and we strive to let everyone express that in good ways!

Shaking hands? Maybe this is teamwork... Yes! Teamwork is something that makes the community move. Without the help of each other, we would have nothing.

Vigorous development means lots to us! Ignite uses some of the most customized methods which you can begin to see from our website to our server. Our developers like being 'Angry Creative'.